These Wooden Puzzles with Knobs Features Makes Learning Easy

These Wooden Puzzles with Knobs Features Makes Learning Easy

There is no doubt that wooden puzzles with knobs are some of the most effective ways of developing kids’ brain from an early. One thing that stands out about these puzzles is their ease of use that makes it easy for the toddler to pick and move the pieces around. The fact that they have knobs speak a lot about the numerous advantages they have, especially for toddlers.

But you need to be very keen while buying wooden puzzles with knobs for your kid. There are several features that you need to look for to ensure that your child is getting the best out of the jigsaw puzzle that you pick for them. Apart from the quality of the board brr brrr brrr…..what are other features that can make learning easy? Well, there is a couple of them. Check out the following:

Extra-thick Wooden Puzzle

For the toddlers, the size of the board is an essential factor to consider. The kid is still learning how to hold things and develop their grasping/motor power. At this stage, you need to the extra-thick wooden puzzle with jumbo wooden knobs. These kinds of puzzles enable the kid easy grasping of pieces thus improving their motor skills.

Colorful Artwork

At such a young age, kids usually use their developing sense in everything they do. The brain is still in the development stage, and thus you don’t expect them to use much of it to solve the puzzle or even maintain constant attention. But the type of artwork can help a lot in keeping the kid attentive while using the board. By having colorful artwork on the board, it will draw the attention of the kid, and that will significantly improve their learning.

Familiar Objects

Even though the toddler is not talking, they observe everything that goes around in their environment. That is why it recommended that wooden puzzles with knobs, using the illustration of familiar objects can be of big help in their development.  Make sure that you have bought a jigsaw puzzle that is made from objects that are familiar to the kid. They could home animals such as pets or things like cars, farm tools and so on that the kid could be exposed to.

Matching Pictures

Make things easier by helping the kid fill in the wooden puzzles with knobs by having a matching picture underneath each object. That means the kid will not struggle a lot and they can learn faster.

These are four key features that can help your kid get the best out of wooden puzzles with knobs. Check them out while shopping.


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