Main Benefits of Laser Cutting in Wooden Puzzles

Main Benefits of Laser Cutting in Wooden Puzzles

One of the main features that make a good wooden puzzle is the ability of the cut pieces to make a perfect image. It makes it easy for the toddlers to fill in the puzzles and also works on avoiding the gaps on the periphery of the image. But that will only be achieved through the use of a method that is highly precise.  Laser cutting is one of the latest technologies that provide intricate cutting. However, there are numerous benefits associated with laser cutting and that’s the reason why brands such as peaceful wooden puzzles are embracing it. Here are some of the key benefits of laser cutting in wooden puzzles.

Intricate patterns

The quality of the cut patterns is incredible. Unlike other cutting methods such use of the saws, laser cutting provides highly intricate patterns. You will be impressed by how the pieces fit into each other to make an incredible image. In fact, laser cut pieces accurate and fits well in the image after solving the puzzle. That makes it easy for the puzzler to discern where each piece belongs to fill the puzzle.

High precision

Laser cutting technology is extremely precise. Its accuracy level is unrivaled by any other alternative methods available in the market. The laser technology has an incredible tolerance that can reach around 2.5% of the material thickness. Do you know that laser can cut as tiny as 0.025mm? Well, that is how precise the technique can be when it comes to cutting wooden puzzle pieces. So with this technology, you can produce very delicate pieces and still get incredibly great pieces.

Number of Pieces

Another major benefit of laser cutting technology is the number of pieces that it can produce. For images, you can produce as many images as you wish. That is the reason why most of the peaceful wooden puzzles have images cut into many pieces. It is also important to note that increase in the number of pieces helps in improving the complexity of the puzzle.


Last but not the least is the cost of production. That is one of the main reasons why brands such as peaceful wooden puzzles have embraced the technology. The laser technology is cheap to alternatives. Although the initial installation may be expensive, the operation cost is quite cheap. Consequently, it enables mass production.

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