How to Teach Your Child to Do jigsaw puzzles

How to Teach Your Child to Do jigsaw puzzles

Solving toddler jigsaw puzzles may appear simple but can be a little bit difficult for starters. That is why it is recommended that toddlers are introduced and taught on how to do these puzzles. As a parent, you should take the initiative to teach your kids how to do puzzles. Due to the closeness that you have with the kid, they are likely to trust you more than any other person. But how do you do it right? Well, there are a few things that you should do right to ensure that the kid is getting the most out of the puzzles. Check out the following:

Start Your Child off with One Piece

Starting simple is highly recommended when it comes to starters. Start off with one piece and then proceed as the kid enhances their skills. Don’t be in a hurry to introduce them to complex puzzles since it would significantly deter the kid.  One piece is the most basic puzzles and can be filled with kids as young as 18 months. Make sure that the kid is fitting the pieces into the hole properly.

Introduce Two Puzzles Pieces

After the kid has gained the concept of one piece puzzles, you should introduce them to two pieces puzzles. The idea behind these types of puzzles is to help the kid develop the skills of completing a picture. You should show them how to solve the puzzle if they are struggling or just guide them on how to do it right.

Provide them with Clues

To help the kid develop good results, you should help them by providing cues and clues that can help them solve the puzzle. Verbal ideas are highly recommended since the kids are like to understand them better and also memorize it.  Phrases such as “this goes over here” and “try this piece here” works magic when the kid is stuck.

Increase the Difficulty

The idea of the toddler jigsaw puzzles is to help the kid develop their cognitive skills and others. To help the kid grow these skills, you should gradually increase the difficulty of the puzzles as the kid gets better with solving the puzzle. Increasing the number of pieces is one of the best ways to enhance the difficulty of the puzzles. However, this should be done gradually and at the right time.

With these tips, it should be easy to teach your kid how to do jigsaw puzzles.


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