How to Frame Wooden Peg Puzzles

How to Frame Wooden Peg Puzzles

Wooden peg puzzles for toddlers excite the kids in a way that they want to play them every day. Sometimes, you wonder what to do with the puzzles after they leave them laying on the floor or the table. Returning the puzzles to their respective boxes every time after use become boring. However, you can have a convenient and presentable way of storing them after use. This includes making or buying a frame for the puzzle and displaying it as a picture. It eases the work and also serves as a decoration. Below are some of the ways to frame a wooden peg puzzle:


You need to prepare before start making the frame for the wooden peg puzzles for toddlers. This includes assembling of the materials to use. Therefore, you have first to select the type of molding to use. This may consist of wood, glass, metal or any other strong material. These form the basis of the tools and materials to require when making the frame.


After you decide the framing material, the next step involves measuring the size of the puzzle. Most of the wooden peg puzzles come in quadrant shapes. Therefore, you will need to measure each side. This help to know the corresponding length of the four frames pieces. These measurements will also serve in cutting the size of the frame’s from and back coverings.


After you get the size of the wooden peg puzzle for toddlers, brush it with glue all over and allow it time to dry. However, you should take note of the puzzle material to know the type of glue to use. Some adhesives may interfere with the color of the puzzle. Therefore, you must ensure that you’ve gotten the most appropriate glue for the puzzle.


The final part includes bringing all the elements together to frame the puzzle completely. First, join the four pieces to make a frame. If the frame pieces are made of wood, you can join using nails. Glass or metals needs strong adhesives. Use a Masonite board as the appropriate back of the frame. Glue the puzzle to the board and then follow gluing of frame to the board. The wooden peg puzzle for a toddler is now completely framed, and you can display it in the house. It brings convenience since the puzzle pieces don’t scatter and it’s easier to store after use.

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