How Laser Technology has Impacted Wooden Puzzle Manufacturing

How Laser Technology has Impacted Wooden Puzzle Manufacturing

The art of making wooden knob puzzle started many years ago. However, the manufacturing skills have improved with time aided by technology. Nowadays, the technology has advance greatly thus improving the manufacturing process as well as the quality of boards. Laser technology is one of the groundbreaking innovation in this industry. Laser machines used on producing wooden puzzles present much efficiency. Some of the major improvements made possible by laser technology include:

Precision in cutting pieces

The old technology such as the use of jig saws to cut pieces was quite rough due to lack accurate precision. The laser technology allows for high precision in cutting wooden material hence great quality. The pieces of the wooden knob puzzle, therefore, have the perfect shape for fitting in respective slots. The tech also ensures that the puzzle knobs do not have rough surfaces. This guarantees the safety of the child who plays with them. Additionally, there is a better utilization of material when manufacturing and therefore low production cost. It also boosts sustainability as wood material do not get wastage during the puzzle-making process.


One of the most significant advantages of laser cutting technology, especially to manufacturers, is mass production. This is due to its ability to produce numerous wooden knob puzzles within a short period. The speed enables the producer to satisfy the need of customers of various types of puzzles. One cannot compare laser cutting technology compared to other slower and tiresome traditional methods. In spite of the high speed, no compromise on the quality of the final product.


Laser cutting technology elbows the production of different types of wooden knob puzzles. During production, you can adjust to make a variety of designs, sizes, and shapes. The laser ability allows the cutting of different wood materials. Even the hardest one can be cut to produce a very durable puzzle. Furthermore, it is possible to make different types of knobs according to customers’ orders. Complex designs of the puzzle can never present limitation where laser technology applies.


As mentioned earlier, laser cutting tech allows for mass production. As a result, manufacturers can produce numerous amount of puzzle per hour at a low cost. Additionally, it precision minimizes wastage of material hence contributing to the reduced cost of production. All these factors will consequently translate to affordable puzzles for the customers. Therefore, the overall cost based on quality is relatively low.

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