Best Types of Preschool Wooden Puzzles For Your Kid

Best Types of Preschool Wooden Puzzles For Your Kid

Getting the right preschool wooden puzzles is critical to help your kid develop the right skills at their age. At preschool age, the kid should not only be refining their motor skills but also improving their general knowledge about things around them. The types of the board that you choose should also provide them with essential learning skills to help them do well in school. But what are common types of preschool wooden puzzles can we find in the market? Here are the common types that you can find in the market.

Alphabet Sound Puzzle

Alphabet sound puzzles are some of the most common for the kids that have already refined their motor skills. They are designed for kids who are slightly above the age of 3 years. As the name suggests, the puzzles are designed with all 26 alphabets.  With these preschool wooden puzzles, the kid starts being introduced into the learning by helping them pronounce the correct name of each letter when placed correctly in the puzzle board. The kids can hear and see the alphabets as they are placed on the board. Their designs matters. Some boards may have knobs while others have the letters raised slightly above for easy grasping.

Number Puzzles

Number preschool wooden puzzles are also common types of jigsaw puzzles in the market. These boards are designed kids that are about to go to school and those that are already in the schools. In fact, most of these boards are designed for kids between the ages of 3 to 6 years. These boards are designed with capabilities to produce sounds that help the kids to pronounce the name of each number corrected. For easy learning, the boards are designed with the numbers slightly raised above the puzzle board for easy playing of the game

Farm animal Puzzles

The common types of farm animal preschool wooden puzzles are the farm cube puzzles. As the name suggests, these puzzles are made of cubes that can be re-arranged to help create different friendly farm animals. For instance, the kid can create a chicken cow or any of the common animals around them. These boards are a little bit complicated and thus are designed for kids between 3-6 years of age. The number of cubes increases with age to enhance the complexity of the puzzle.

So if your kid has been playing the toddlers wooden puzzles and they are about to join the school, these are the best types of preschool wooden puzzles that you can buy them.


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