Benefits of Knob Puzzles to Toddlers

Benefits of Knob Puzzles to Toddlers

It is known that knob puzzles for toddlers present numerous benefits to children. However, some parents or most of them do not know actual benefits of puzzles to their children. One of the main benefits of puzzles for toddlers is the development of specific skills that are crucial as they grow up. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the major benefits your child gets from filling puzzles. We are going to at three basic skills that puzzles can build for your child.

Physical skills

Through playing or filling knob puzzles for toddlers, the child’s physical skills are nurtured and build. Hand to eye coordination is one of the major skills that a kid is able to develop from a very young age. To fill in the slots, the child must understand the relationship between knob pieces and the color. Therefore, their hands and brain must work together and simultaneously. The growth of the motor skills is another benefit your child will get. By moving pieces to the right spots can lead to better typing skills and handwriting. These are benefits that the toddlers will enjoy without a struggle.

Emotional skills

Growing and managing emotions is a skill that is vital to the overall development of a human being. It should be nurtured from a very young age and knob puzzles for toddlers are the best option. Solving the puzzles is the only thing that the kind needs to do. However, they will need to develop strategies by themselves on how to go about that. They have to teach themselves how to combine colors or familiar shapes by themselves.  That way, they will learn how to set goals and accomplish them. Puzzles require a lot of patience to solve and thus the kid will learn that from a very young age.

Cognitive Skills

Improved cognitive skills are some of the main benefits children get from knob puzzles for toddlers. Most of the pieces used on puzzles are things in toddler’s surrounding. By bringing them on the board, kids can understand them even better. Shape recognition also features on most puzzles until the kid can use Jigsaw puzzles. That improves the memory of the toddler since they must remember the shapes for future filling. Lastly in the cognitive skills is solving problems. Puzzles are all about solving problems by finding out if the puzzles fit or not. That explains why kids who filled puzzles are good in mathematics and sciences when they get to school.