These Wooden Puzzles with Knobs Features Makes Learning Easy

These Wooden Puzzles with Knobs Features Makes Learning Easy

There is no doubt that wooden puzzles with knobs are some of the most effective ways of developing kids’ brain from an early. One thing that stands out about these puzzles is their ease of use that makes it easy for the toddler to pick and move the pieces around. The fact that they have knobs speak a lot about the numerous advantages they have, especially for toddlers.

But you need to be very keen while buying wooden puzzles with knobs for your kid. There are several features that you need to look for to ensure that your child is getting the best out of the jigsaw puzzle that you pick for them. Apart from the quality of the board brr brrr brrr…..what are other features that can make learning easy? Well, there is a couple of them. Check out the following:

Extra-thick Wooden Puzzle

For the toddlers, the size of the board is an essential factor to consider. The kid is still learning how to hold things and develop their grasping/motor power. At this stage, you need to the extra-thick wooden puzzle with jumbo wooden knobs. These kinds of puzzles enable the kid easy grasping of pieces thus improving their motor skills.

Colorful Artwork

At such a young age, kids usually use their developing sense in everything they do. The brain is still in the development stage, and thus you don’t expect them to use much of it to solve the puzzle or even maintain constant attention. But the type of artwork can help a lot in keeping the kid attentive while using the board. By having colorful artwork on the board, it will draw the attention of the kid, and that will significantly improve their learning.

Familiar Objects

Even though the toddler is not talking, they observe everything that goes around in their environment. That is why it recommended that wooden puzzles with knobs, using the illustration of familiar objects can be of big help in their development.  Make sure that you have bought a jigsaw puzzle that is made from objects that are familiar to the kid. They could home animals such as pets or things like cars, farm tools and so on that the kid could be exposed to.

Matching Pictures

Make things easier by helping the kid fill in the wooden puzzles with knobs by having a matching picture underneath each object. That means the kid will not struggle a lot and they can learn faster.

These are four key features that can help your kid get the best out of wooden puzzles with knobs. Check them out while shopping.


How Peaceful Wooden Puzzles Can Be Good For Your Kid’s Development

How Peaceful Wooden Puzzles Can Be Good For Your Kid’s Development

It is common knowledge that peaceful wooden puzzles and other puzzles are good for your child’s development. But some have no idea why and how their kids benefit from solving puzzles. Some parents would just do it for the mere facts that they can improve their kid’s intelligence. The idea that their kid could do well in school is also a compelling factor to many. As much as that is true, there are other numerous benefits that kids get from playing puzzles. Here are some of the reasons are good for your kid’s development.

Introducing the World Around Them

Kids are extremely curious about the environment around them. However, due to their limited mobility, they need help to understand the world around them better. Puzzles have proven to the most effective way to introduce kids to the new environment. It is through puzzles that they can have the imaged of things surrounding them are permanently captured in their mind. With that, it will be easy for your kid to interact with the environment easily.

Hand-Eye Coordination

Hand-eye coordination is one of the critical skills that your child needs to develop from a very young age. Peaceful wooden puzzles are the right tools options to help your kids to improve this skill. As they turn, remove, fill and flip the pieces, they will able to enhance the development of the hand-eye coordination skills.

Improved Memory

Improved memory growth is one of the major benefits that kids from solving peaceful wooden puzzles. Your kid is like to grow a bigger brain that will be capable of storing more memories. It is also important to note that solving puzzles requires the child to recall the shape, color, and size of the pieces. That is how memory development is enhanced through the use of puzzles.

Solving Problems

One of the major reasons why peaceful wooden puzzles and other jigsaw puzzles are said to improve kid’s academic performance is their ability to solve problems. By introducing puzzles to your toddler, you will help them enhance the skill of solving problems. As the child chooses which among the many pieces fits specific slots, they can develop this vital skill. That is why kids who play puzzles can turn better in mathematics and science subjects.

Goal Setting

For the kid to solve a peaceful wooden puzzle or other jigsaw puzzles, they must develop a strategy that works efficiently and faster.  With that, they can learn how to set goals, a skill that is vital for their development.

Best Types of Preschool Wooden Puzzles For Your Kid

Best Types of Preschool Wooden Puzzles For Your Kid

Getting the right preschool wooden puzzles is critical to help your kid develop the right skills at their age. At preschool age, the kid should not only be refining their motor skills but also improving their general knowledge about things around them. The types of the board that you choose should also provide them with essential learning skills to help them do well in school. But what are common types of preschool wooden puzzles can we find in the market? Here are the common types that you can find in the market.

Alphabet Sound Puzzle

Alphabet sound puzzles are some of the most common for the kids that have already refined their motor skills. They are designed for kids who are slightly above the age of 3 years. As the name suggests, the puzzles are designed with all 26 alphabets.  With these preschool wooden puzzles, the kid starts being introduced into the learning by helping them pronounce the correct name of each letter when placed correctly in the puzzle board. The kids can hear and see the alphabets as they are placed on the board. Their designs matters. Some boards may have knobs while others have the letters raised slightly above for easy grasping.

Number Puzzles

Number preschool wooden puzzles are also common types of jigsaw puzzles in the market. These boards are designed kids that are about to go to school and those that are already in the schools. In fact, most of these boards are designed for kids between the ages of 3 to 6 years. These boards are designed with capabilities to produce sounds that help the kids to pronounce the name of each number corrected. For easy learning, the boards are designed with the numbers slightly raised above the puzzle board for easy playing of the game

Farm animal Puzzles

The common types of farm animal preschool wooden puzzles are the farm cube puzzles. As the name suggests, these puzzles are made of cubes that can be re-arranged to help create different friendly farm animals. For instance, the kid can create a chicken cow or any of the common animals around them. These boards are a little bit complicated and thus are designed for kids between 3-6 years of age. The number of cubes increases with age to enhance the complexity of the puzzle.

So if your kid has been playing the toddlers wooden puzzles and they are about to join the school, these are the best types of preschool wooden puzzles that you can buy them.


Main Benefits of Laser Cutting in Wooden Puzzles

Main Benefits of Laser Cutting in Wooden Puzzles

One of the main features that make a good wooden puzzle is the ability of the cut pieces to make a perfect image. It makes it easy for the toddlers to fill in the puzzles and also works on avoiding the gaps on the periphery of the image. But that will only be achieved through the use of a method that is highly precise.  Laser cutting is one of the latest technologies that provide intricate cutting. However, there are numerous benefits associated with laser cutting and that’s the reason why brands such as peaceful wooden puzzles are embracing it. Here are some of the key benefits of laser cutting in wooden puzzles.

Intricate patterns

The quality of the cut patterns is incredible. Unlike other cutting methods such use of the saws, laser cutting provides highly intricate patterns. You will be impressed by how the pieces fit into each other to make an incredible image. In fact, laser cut pieces accurate and fits well in the image after solving the puzzle. That makes it easy for the puzzler to discern where each piece belongs to fill the puzzle.

High precision

Laser cutting technology is extremely precise. Its accuracy level is unrivaled by any other alternative methods available in the market. The laser technology has an incredible tolerance that can reach around 2.5% of the material thickness. Do you know that laser can cut as tiny as 0.025mm? Well, that is how precise the technique can be when it comes to cutting wooden puzzle pieces. So with this technology, you can produce very delicate pieces and still get incredibly great pieces.

Number of Pieces

Another major benefit of laser cutting technology is the number of pieces that it can produce. For images, you can produce as many images as you wish. That is the reason why most of the peaceful wooden puzzles have images cut into many pieces. It is also important to note that increase in the number of pieces helps in improving the complexity of the puzzle.


Last but not the least is the cost of production. That is one of the main reasons why brands such as peaceful wooden puzzles have embraced the technology. The laser technology is cheap to alternatives. Although the initial installation may be expensive, the operation cost is quite cheap. Consequently, it enables mass production.

What Makes A Good Knob Puzzles For Babies? Check These Features

What Makes A Good Knob Puzzles For Babies? Check These Features

Having a knob puzzle for babies is the best thing that you can gift your child. These puzzles are the perfect gadgets that will help your kid to develop a smart from a very young age. They will not only help your kid get smart in class but in real life. However, the choice if the puzzle for babies that you pick is critical in ensuring that you get most out of it. So what makes a good knob puzzle? Here are some of the Key features that you need to look out.

Good Material

The best knob puzzles for toddlers should be made from wooden. There are numerous benefits that come with the wooden puzzle. First is the safety of the kid. Young kids are very curious and they would like to more about the board. They will turn it upside down now and then and this could be dangerous if there are sharp edges. That is why it is important to have the board constructed from materials that do not endanger the safety of the kid. Wood provides fine edges that cannot injure the kid. Even if it falls on the kid, it will not cause any injuries. Most of the puzzles make use of softwood which is safe for the babies.

Ease of Use

Ease of use if one of the keys features that you must consider while selecting the knob puzzles for babies. Although most puzzles come with a knob, it is important to ensure that you have the right knob. The size of the knob is the most important factor to consider. Make sure that your kid can comfortably hold the knob with a lot of comforts. Make sure that that they can move the knob pieces over the board with a lot of ease. That will enable them to fill in the puzzle without getting tired or bored. However, this is determined by the age of the kid.

Overall Weight of the Board

The weight of the board is one the key factor makes a good knob puzzle for babies. Depending on the age of the kid, you must consider how much weight they can handle. If you have a one-year-old toddler, then you must ensure that the weight of the board is little as possible. The kid should be able to move the puzzle around with ease.

Benefits of Knob Puzzles to Toddlers

Benefits of Knob Puzzles to Toddlers

It is known that knob puzzles for toddlers present numerous benefits to children. However, some parents or most of them do not know actual benefits of puzzles to their children. One of the main benefits of puzzles for toddlers is the development of specific skills that are crucial as they grow up. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the major benefits your child gets from filling puzzles. We are going to at three basic skills that puzzles can build for your child.

Physical skills

Through playing or filling knob puzzles for toddlers, the child’s physical skills are nurtured and build. Hand to eye coordination is one of the major skills that a kid is able to develop from a very young age. To fill in the slots, the child must understand the relationship between knob pieces and the color. Therefore, their hands and brain must work together and simultaneously. The growth of the motor skills is another benefit your child will get. By moving pieces to the right spots can lead to better typing skills and handwriting. These are benefits that the toddlers will enjoy without a struggle.

Emotional skills

Growing and managing emotions is a skill that is vital to the overall development of a human being. It should be nurtured from a very young age and knob puzzles for toddlers are the best option. Solving the puzzles is the only thing that the kind needs to do. However, they will need to develop strategies by themselves on how to go about that. They have to teach themselves how to combine colors or familiar shapes by themselves.  That way, they will learn how to set goals and accomplish them. Puzzles require a lot of patience to solve and thus the kid will learn that from a very young age.

Cognitive Skills

Improved cognitive skills are some of the main benefits children get from knob puzzles for toddlers. Most of the pieces used on puzzles are things in toddler’s surrounding. By bringing them on the board, kids can understand them even better. Shape recognition also features on most puzzles until the kid can use Jigsaw puzzles. That improves the memory of the toddler since they must remember the shapes for future filling. Lastly in the cognitive skills is solving problems. Puzzles are all about solving problems by finding out if the puzzles fit or not. That explains why kids who filled puzzles are good in mathematics and sciences when they get to school.